Rockend SMS Instructions

Updating your settings

In order to start sending SMS, you’ll need to update a few settings in Rest Professional. Setup is simple and does not require anyone to exist their software. It will only take a minute before you’re ready to start sending.

Updating your Rockend SMS Rest Professional Settings

Rockend SMS has designed and developed an upgrade to the way you send SMS through Rest Professional V14 and later (Rockend SMS Enhanced Integration). Incorporating features such as multipart messages – not limited to 160 characters, view SMS history from within Rest Professional, easily switch ON/OFF SMS replies and more. To set-up Rockend SMS Enhanced Integration please following the instructions below.

Please note: Sending via the Rockend SMS Standard Integration is still available through Rest Professionals and set-up instructions are listed below.

Rockend SMS Enhanced Integration via Rest Professional

For Rest Professional v14 users sending via Rockend SMS Enhanced Integration, you will need your Office Administrator to updated the Rockend SMS Configuration details (Company Details >Third Party > RockendSMS > Configure) with each users API Access token and Token ID – See below instructions.

Download Rockend SMS Enhanced Integration via Rest Professional Manual


Rockend SMS Standard Integration via Rest Professional

To do this, you will need to access your Company Details in Rest Professional by going to:
Other > Utilities > Company Details > Default tab
In the space which asks you to enter the “SMS Provider Email Address“, please enter:

2. SMS Default Reply String/ SMS Message Headers
You now have the ability to select from several reply options for messages sent from your Rockend Rest Professional Property Management software.
Block Reply Path-When using a “block reply path” such as an alphanumeric or land-line number as your message header it is “best practice” to always include a contact number in your message body to allow the recipient to manually respond. It is strongly recommended you also include the term ‘do not reply’ or ‘no reply’ in the body of your message.

Download Rockend SMS Standard Integration via Rest Professional Manual

TIP: To save valuable message space include NoReply in your message header i.e LJHnoreply


Did you know you can send SMS from your email?

Our Email SMS Manual has all the information you need to start sending directly from your inbox