RockendSMS for REST Professional


ith an open rate of 98%, text messaging is still the most direct, immediate and effective means of communication available – RockendSMS integrates SMS into your REST Professional.
SMS integration enables sending to tenants, owners and suppliers, with all SMS communication logged in the Actions and Conversations Diary. Send single messages instantaneously from the tenant/owner card or use the Print Letters/Mail Merge function to send bulk mail merge SMS to tenants for detailed arrears and other notifications. Elect to enable SMS replies to allow recipients to respond to your messages – replies are received via email and logged in your RockendSMS online Web Inbox.
Clients using REST Professionals versions 14 and above, are given access to additional features through the RockendSMS Enhanced integration – schedule messages for a later date and time, dynamically set replies ON/OFF at time of sending, send multi-part messages, see message delivery statuses, preview mail merge SMS before you send, direct access to your RockendSMS Online Portal from REST Professional and more.

Enhanced RockendSMS via REST Professional

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