Virtual Numbers

A Virtual Number is a unique data number used to send and receive text messages from your RockendSMS account. They essentially allow you to send messages from and receive messages to the same number, making them ideal for 2-way SMS communication. Virtual Numbers look just like mobile numbers, but can only be used to send and receive text messages from your RockendSMS account.

A dedicated Virtual Number expands on your SMS capabilities. You can now promote a unique “mobile number” on brochures, sign boards, web pages and advertising campaigns or use them to communicate with tenants, owners and prospective buyers.

Customers can text in to request information, opt in/out of promotions, provide feedback via SMS or text in with a SMS keyword and receive an automated reply to the inquiry. All incoming and outgoing SMS communications are managed from your RockendSMS Online Portal and you’ll be notified via email of incoming messages.

How Virtual Numbers can work for you!

Rental Department

1. Encourage your tenants to submit any non critical enquiries to your “Rentals” Virtual Number.

2. Set up your “Auto Reply” SMS – this response is sent immediately upon receipt of a text into this number. Eg.
“We got your message!
We’ll make sure one of our agents contacts you as soon as possible.
In the meantime, if the matter is urgent please call 1300 764 451”

3. Your tenant will receive your auto reply confirming receipt of their inquiry

4. You receive email notification of your tenant’s SMS enquiry

5. You can quickly and easily reply

Sales Department

1. Login to RockendSMS Online and setup an optional SMS keyword for your Virtual Number relating to a specific property.

2. Compose your automatic reply specific to the property this keyword relates to – this message could contain additional property information eg. Recent sales, outgoings etc.

3. Promote your Virtual Number and the keyword associated with the property on sign boards, online, brochures and advertisements.

4. You receive email notification with details of submissions to your keywords, including the mobile number of people who have enquired.

How it works

1. Submit your Virtual Number enquiry here.

2. Select your unique Virtual Number from the list provided in your confirmation email.

3. Once the Virtual Number has been allocated to your account, login to RockendSMS Online to manage authorised users, auto replies, keywords etc.

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