Account Status Update

Update to your Edgility SMS Account

    Moving to another CRM/Property Management System?
    NOTE: You can elect to keep your SMS account fully accessible after your requested suspension date (below). This is important if you wish to access your message history, user history and any other features that you may require. You may continue to use sending functionality for any other business uses including sales, inspections, intra-office communication, email SMS, marketing and much more. You will be charged a flat rate of 10c per message sent (no minimums or access fees).
    If you Edgility SMS Account balance is outstanding or overdue
    Your account cannot be formally closed/suspended until full payment of any outstanding amounts has been made. PLEASE NOTE: Invoices are issued at the beginning of the month for the month
    Client Acknowledgment
    By checking the above checkbox, you are formally requesting to cancel/suspend your SMS service provided by Edgility; You acknowledge that if there is any money outstanding on our account, it will be paid in full within seven (7) days of the submission of this form to officially cancel/suspend your account.