Send SMS from your email now with our Email SMS Solutions.


What is Email SMS?

Edgility’s Email SMS feature allows you to send a text message without leaving your email inbox. The message is submitted via email to our server, which then redirects the message as a SMS to your recipient’s. It’s that simple.

SMS your clients directly from your email

Working out of your email inbox all day? Send SMS from there. No need to be switching between tools and no messing about with extra software.

Get all SMS replies direct to your inbox
More reason not to leave your email inbox. Not only can you initiate SMS from your email you can also quickly reply to inbound SMS, simply click reply, type and send! Easily keep track of all your client conversations.

Auto-forward Inbound SMS
It works both ways! Your customers can SMS you and you’ll receive replies directly to your email. You can then reply to the e-mail and it’ll get sent as an SMS text message. You can register multiple email addresses and domains to send from, too.

Why use Email SMS?

Sending and receiving email has become a staple of enterprise communication. For some, working out of their email inbox is an all-day event. For others, email is still an important method of communication, but checking their inbox only happens a few times per day. For this reason, combining the necessity of email with the immediacy and efficiency of SMS was a no brainer.
So, now you can send your email, then send your contact a SMS from your email, to let them know they should check their inbox. Cool right?

How do I use Email SMS?

1. Setup an Edgility account

Go to Email SMS and add your email address as an ‘Allowed Address’. You can register and manage as many as you want.

2. Use

Go to your email and compose an email. In the To: field enter your recipient’s number followed by

3. Your message will be delivered as an SMS

Your messages will be delivered in seconds via Edgility SMS Gateway. All replies will automatically be sent to the email inbox that originally sent the SMS.

Using Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Add On for Outlook – Available NOW!
Email SMS

How can I use Email SMS for my business?

Appointment reminders

SMS provides a more effective way for businesses to send out appointment reminders as the response time is so much faster than email. Whether it is a reminder for a healthcare appointment, a restaurant booking, a visit to the opticians or a car service reminder, SMS has proven to reduce the number of missed appointment, sometimes by as much as 50%. SMS will also help to substantially reduce your communication costs and resources, when compared to traditional channels like phone calls or direct mail.

Emergency alerts

From fault alerts, system failure notifications, disaster forewarning to staff safety checks, SMS is a great way to keep your customers and staff informed in a timely manner. By utilising the email to SMS service, you have the benefit of sending the alerts out directly from your email inbox, without needing to jump on to another system.

With our direct connections, you can also rest assured that your messages will get delivered swiftly; and your data will be processed with the highest standard of data security protocol.

Staff rostering

With a 90 seconds response time, SMS is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your staff regarding their rosters. From distributing planned rosters, finding out everyone’s overtime availability to filling open shifts with short notice, you can rely on SMS to deliver the messages swiftly; either it’s the message from you, or the responses your staff send. Imagine filling in an open shift with using SMS instead of spending hours on the phone trying to call the staff one by one. With the convenience of our email to SMS service, you’d be able to achieve all these while still staying on your email inbox.

Marketing and Promotions

Today’s customers are demanding new methods to connect with brands; with 51% of Australians indicating that they are happy to receive offers on their mobile phones from their preferred brands, SMS has become a sought after tool to deliver marketing and promotional messages. Not only does SMS has a much higher open and engagement rate than email, it also provides the ease of mind to marketers knowing that no matter what phones or operating systems the customers are using, they will get the message exactly the way they are intended to.

Delivery notifications

SMS enjoys a much higher response rate than push notifications and email, making it a much better channel to communicate time sensitive messages with customers. Delivery notifications, for instance, would be best delivered via SMS. This process can also be easily automated by integrating your e-commerce platform with our SMS API integration to save your staff from these tasks.

Keeping your customers up to date with their orders could improve customer experience, at the same time helping you to streamline your delivery process by making swift changes if customers are not home to take receipt of a delivery.

Register and start sending today.