Send and receive SMS messages with a virtual number for your business.


What is a Virtual Mobile Number?

Allow your customers to text in, enable automatic replies and setup keyword trigger campaigns.
Virtual Mobile Numbers also referred to as dedicated numbers or long codes, are just like normal mobile numbers that your Messageport account can send and receive text messages from. Virtual numbers allow you to send and receive messages to and from that same number, ideal for 2-way message campaigns.

Promote your virtual mobile number through brochures, website and advertising campaigns. Create streamlined and cost-effective engagement with your clients and prospects. Customers can request information, opt-in to promotions or provide feedback. Use keywords to automate the process.


See how keywords work. SMS the keyword Sale, Reminder or Alert to

0419 211 883


What are the features of a Virtual Mobile Number?

Manage Multiple Campaigns

Create and Manage simultaneous SMS campaigns with MessagePort. Set-up auto replies or keywords for specific campaigns to send targeted offers or promotions.

Manage Opt outs

‘Opt-out? reply STOP’. Through MessagePort, your unsubscribe list is kept up to date while your SMS marketing campaign remains 100% compliant.

Set-up and Manage Keywords

Set-up keywords to allow people to opt-in to your lists, create multiple keywords per campaign to allow a specific automated reply to be sent when triggered by a specific keyword.

Automatic Follow up SMS

Send to any number of recipients and set up an automatic follow up SMS to be sent at a later date, to any recipient who did not respond to your original message. This is great for building attendee lists.

Auto Reply Management

Set-up an auto reply for each of your virtual numbers or take it to the next level and set up multiple keywords with specific auto-replies.

Interested in a Virtual Number for your business?


How can I use a Virtual Number?

Edgility’s SMS Platform is rich in features, below is a glimpse of what is included on each account.

Unique Number for each property

Agents can set up a virtual number for each of their property listings, they will then place this number within their online listing details and offline marketing materials. 

Customisable Auto Replies

Using Virtual Number keywords you have the ability to customise a automated SMS which will be send when a client text a specific keyword to your Virtual Number.

Inbound MMS

Receive MMS picture messages into your Virtual Number. MMS are received and stored in your online account and can be downloaded to your local computer for record keeping purposes.

Receive Inbound SMS

A key benefit of Virtual Numbers is that you can receive SMS without initiating an SMS first. Share your virtual number with your clients, they can text in and you can set up automated responses to let them know you have received the message.

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