Microsoft Teams Integration


SMS for Teams

Connect instantly and maximise your reach with SMS for Teams.

Why use SMS for Teams?

SMS for Teams is a great way to stay on top of support, marketing or customer service queries, as inbound SMS and SMS replies are routed to the Team or Chat of your choice. All messages sent and received appear in your message history, so you always have a record of communication.

Once Edgility for Teams is added to your Microsoft Teams profile, touchSMS will appear in your Message Extensions for quick sending. Select Send SMS to reveal the SMS sending screen, where you can enter one or multiple numbers, compose your message and just click SEND!

Why SMS is so effective?

With almost as many handsets in circulation as there are people on earth, SMS is perhaps the most widely accepted form of communication available. 98% of text messages are read by their intended recipient with 3 minutes of delivery. The immediacy and rate of successful delivery make it more effective for reminders, alerts, and notifications than email.

Already have an SMS Account?

Now download the Add-in for Teams.

How do I use SMS for Teams?

Signup to Edgility by complete the online registration form click here.
We’ll process your application and generate your account within 24 hours.
If you already have an Edgility account, log in and navigate to Integrations > Teams, click configure.
You can enable the Add-in within Teams by:
      1. Opening a new spreadsheet
      2. Go to Insert > Get Add-ins
      3. Type Edgility SMS for Teams in the search field
      4. Click Add

Note: If you don’t see the Edgility SMS Add-in in the Home Ribbon simply click on;
Insert > Get Add-ins > My Add-ins > Click on Edgility SMS for Teams
In the ribbon that appears at the bottom of the screen click Add

Alternatively, to download the Add-in from Microsoft online store:

      1. Visit the Microsoft Office Store online and search Edgility SMS for Teams
      2. Click Get it Now – you may be asked to log in to your Microsoft account before it takes you to the installation page
      3. Click Open in Teams which will download an excel spreadsheet
      4. Open sheet and Enable editing
      5. Click Trust this Add-in to finish the installation

The first time you use Edgility SMS for Teams, you will need to connect Excel to your Edgility account using your API keys. To set up an API key, log in to your Edgility account:

      1. Navigate to Settings > API Keys
      2. Click Create API Key.
      3. Enter a Name (for example; Teams) for your API Key, the status will be set to Active by default, and click Save.
To complete the setup of your Edgility SMS for Teams Add-in, copy and paste your API details into the Add-in screen and click Connect to get started.
 Edgility SMS Teams App – Chat

1. From your menu bar in Teams, click on Edgility SMS App – click on the three dots to display more installed Apps if Edgility SMS is not pinned to your main menu and select it from the list.

2. In the Edgility SMS App, select Chat from the top tab.

3. Click in the message content box and select SEND from the prepopulated Suggestions or type SEND in the message box and click SEND. This will trigger the SMS Sending screen in your message thread.

From within any Team or Chat thread
NOTE: Before sending SMS from any Team or Chat, ensure you have enabled your Edgility SMS App for this team or chat.
To do this, click Apps > Seach for Edgility > Click the down arrow next to ADD > Click Add to a Team
You will then be able to search and select the Team to enable SMS.
1. Select your Team thread, and click New Conversation.
2. Click on the three dots to display more Message Extensions, then select Edgility SMS.
3. Select Send SMS from the suggestions, this will trigger your sending screen.
4. Once you have composed your message, click Send SMS to send to your recipient/s
5. To keep a record of the message in your Teams thread, submit the sent SMS card to your thread by clicking SEND in the Teams message box.
To streamline communication, touchSMS for Teams allows you to use your Team environment as your SMS inbox also.
To receive inbound SMS or replies to your messages in Teams, you will need to assign a Team or Chat to have them routed to. Only one Team or Chat can be assigned to receive inbound SMS at a time, but you can change the assigned Team or Chat anytime.
To enable replies,
          1. Select your Team or Chat thread, and click New Conversation or click on the three dots to display more Message Extensions, then select Edgility SMS.
          2. Select Enable Replies from the suggestions.
          3. When the following dialogue box appears, click Enable Inbound SMS to have replies routed to this thread.
          4. The Edgility bot will confirm the assignment in your chat thread.
To disconnect Edgility SMS in Teams, type DISCONNECT in the Edgility SMS chat message box and click SEND.
This will trigger the disconnection process.
To completely remove Edgility SMS for Teams, simply right click on the App in the menu ribbon and select “Uninstall”

Register and start sending today.